Gordon St Garage

Think it’s been quite a while since I posted a restaurant review…yup there you go, the last review was Ootong & Lincoln back in February!

Anyway some weeks ago after a morning jog, my girlfriend J and I met up with a couple of friends for breakfast at this place that I notice was and still is in Urbanspoon’s Talk of the Town list: Gordon St Garage.

It was a Saturday morning we got there around 9.30 and I think we waited around 10 minutes or so to be seated.  Their menus breakfast-lunch-dinner are displayed just outside the door so that you can have a browse while waiting.

As I walked in, I could feel the funky cool vibe and atmosphere through the setup, the music, and the people who work there.  It kinda reminds me of Little Creatures in Fremantle.Gordon St Garage (3 of 12)

We walked pass the bench where the baristas were bustling making coffee and then a glass display of a galore of beautiful looking desserts before we got to our table near the kitchen.Gordon St Garage (4 of 12)

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My girlfriend and I decided to share a savoury and a sweet – the Garage Breakfast and the pancake.  Our two friends ordered the corn frittata and the pulled smoked ham hock on rye.  We didn’t wait long to get a table but I must say we waited A WHILE for the food to come out – perhaps over 30 minutes or so at least.  Even the girls who usually never runs out of topic catching up started to wonder at the 1/2 hour mark – wheres our food?!

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the corn frittata

Luckily, the food came out not long after.  Took quick snaps of our food, and our friends were kind enough to offer for their food to be snapped to – although pretty sure we all just wanted to dig in, so in we went!

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the pulled smoked ham hock on rye

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the Garage Breakfast

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the rolled oat pancakes

Must say after all the expectation from being Urbanspoon’s Talk of the Town list, the Little Creatures’ vibe, and the WAIT, I was expecting quite a lot from the food – however I found the food was just ok.  It’s not terrible but it’s not wow.  The only think I like was the look of the pancake, again the taste..was just not bad.  I didn’t ask how the frittata and the pulled smoked ham were but I didn’t hear they mentioned anything bad about it…or great about it.

The coffee however was good coffee – according to J and yes she knows her coffee.     Gordon St Garage (8 of 12)

In summary: unless they serve much better food for lunch or dinner, I would say they’re talk of the town more thanks to the good coffee/beautiful looking desserts, vibe, and place to hang out rather than the food.  Will I go back?…if my friends insist, but I would suggest other places first :)
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