A new charming & jazzy little cafe – Harvest Espresso

Branching a bit from photography, this one is for fellow Perthians foodies.  I wasn’t sure whether I was going to venture this way..but here I go!

It was the Sunday just before Christmas, and one of the friends organised a catch-up.  For some reason I always thought we were going to catch up at Toast and suddenly the night before found out we’re going to a new place in Victoria Park instead..Harvest Espresso…bummer!  I was excited to go to Toast and already planned of what to have.  Toast is my favourite breakfast place in Perth but I’ll write about Toast some other time.

So we drove up the Albany Highway towards the city, and you can find the cafe on your left hand side after the peanut-about (peanut-shaped roundabout…yup we have it in Perth!).

First thing that I noticed as we walked in is how beautiful the interior decoration is.  From the table, the flowers with the small ‘Harvest’ tags on the tables, the coffee machine with the cool Harvest writing on it, nicely arranged tarts & muffins on the bench, nicely hanged tea pots and cups on the wall…they’ve put lots of work into it!  I totally didn’t expect this considering the cafe is sandwiched by a car yard and a tattoo place; felt like I walked into a different world.  The softly played jazz songs does help add to the dimension.DSCF0621

When I placed my order, the lady behind the counter complemented the look of the Fuji X-E1, I’m guessing she’s possibly the owner and she does have an eye for fine arts ;) .  She also asked whether I was a blogger and I said no (because I wasn’t at the time) but her comment gave me a nudge to try and write about this experience and possibly more to come.  The staffs were friendly and seemed to be passionate in what they do.  One staff, when they’ve become bit less busy just before mid day, grabbed a scissor, a ruler, and a marker and started doing some artful ‘Harvest’ sign.

DSCF0628DSCF0631So I placed an order for the Harvest Spanish Baked Egg.  I had no idea what it was but I ordered it because it says it has chorizo :P .  I didn’t read the menu properly at the time, as soon as I saw ‘chorizo’ I was picturing Toast’s special menu’s chorizo, eggs, roast garlic mushrooms, tomatoes on ciabatta toasts; Sayers also has something similar to Toast’s which was why I assumed the same here.  When it came out, it took me few seconds to realise that dish was what I ordered and I can tell you just like the interior decor, it’s a beautifully looking dish with lots of attention to detail.  The baked egg was runny and it tasted not bad (excuse my expert food commentary terms!).  Size was just right for me but I don’t usually have much for breakfast (I don’t usually have breakfast unless I go out with friends!).


Harvest Spanish Baked Egg

My friends had the pulled pork toasted sandwich and mushroom omelette, I didn’t hear any bad comments from them.  They then ordered a ginger cream tart and a prune, almond, & rum tart which they shared.  I was already pretty full from my Spanish baked egg and was happy just to shoot around.


Seasonal Mushrooms


Ginger cream tart


Prune, almond, & rum tart


All in it was a very good lazy Sunday catch-up session with the friends.  Although I would rate the food as just good (not wow…probably because I was already craving for a different dish), their strength is really the nicely decorated interior and cosy ambience, and not forgetting the friendly passionate staffs.  It’s nice to see people who seem to enjoy and have passion in what they do.

For those who don’t know the peanut-about :) , you can find Harvest Espresso at 629 Albany Highway, Victoria Park.
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