Kanta Japanese Kitchen Perth

Ok..Kanta is my favourite place to go when I feel like a no-nonsense authentic Japanese cuisine in Perth.

So why Kanta?  Yes there are so many Japanese joints in Perth.  If I feel like to have something fancy, I ‘d probably go to Bonsai, Halu, or Nine Fine Food; but most of the time, I just feel like yummy authentic Japanese cuisine which I can go quickly nearby (5 minutesish drive from my place) without having have to feel like I need to dress up a bit and paying higher price for similar food but in fancier restaurants.  And I felt exactly that way last weekend.  Considering it was only a couple of hours before dinner time we were skeptical that we were going to get a spot but to our surprise…we did!

As we got there, we were seated at a table facing the window…bummer!  I prefer sitting at the bar as I enjoy watching the preparation of the food.  For those who has not been there before, Kanta is located in a suburban shopping village so the view from the window is just a parking lot!

In any case this time we ordered the beef tataki, large mariawase moku (assorted sashimi/sushi), and Sanma Kabayaki Oshi-zushi (which is a pressed cooked mackerel sushi) to share.  A friend ordered a chicken udon, another ordered the kamo (duck) steak, and I ordered my favourite gyu tounge steak, the last two come with steam rice.

They gave out small portion of complimentary entree to everyone, followed by the beef tataki.  That was the first time I had the beef tataki, to my mind it’s just ok.  The large assorted sashimi and the Sanma Kabayaki Oshi-zushi were good.  Ps: I’ve posted photos from my previous visit too, we didn’t order all this in one visit :P


the complimentary entree nibble


beef tataki


large assorted sashimi


Uramaki sushi & Sanma Kabayaki Oshi-zushi

My favourite entrees at Kanta are the Uramaki sushi (fresh prawn, mayo, and avocado wrapped with tobiko/flying fish roe), scallop wrapped in salmon with wasabi mayonnaise (danggg), and the yukke (ONLY order this if you can eat raw beef!!).  Yukke is basically seasoned ground raw beef, with sliced pear (or apple?), raw egg, and sauce.  I know it sounds disgusting…but it’s yum!


Scallop wrapped in salmon with wasabi mayonaise



As for mains, the duck steak and gyu tounge steak never fail.  They are yum! Note the tounge is slightly chewy, that’s how it is but the teriyaki sauce that come with it….gosh!


kamo (duck) steak


gyu (beef) tounge steak

I’ve had the ramen there before, it’s good but not the best.  If you want the best ramen in Perth go to Nao in the city.  The best used to be Dosukoi in Fremantle but Dosukoi has somehow changed over the years…*why am I digressing…

Anyway going back to Kanta, another friend of mine reckoned she had the best chicken katsu there, so if you’re a chicken katsu person do give it a try.

Other dish that I’ve tried is the traditional chicken teriyaki, that was yumm too. I’ve taken photos of friends’ udon and chirazi sushi which I haven’t tried.


chicken teriyaki


one of the udon on special


chirazi sushi

To summarise, Kanta is a small casual authentic Japanese joint – booking is recommended.  You can expect authentic Japanese dishes at a reasonable price but I’m not talking cheap like Taka as you can’t really compare them both as Taka is rather westernised and is more like a fast food!  (Don’t get me wrong, I do go to Taka when I’m in need for a quick lunch in the city ;) ).  Similar joints to Kanta would be Ohnamiya in Applecross and Jun in the city.

Note I think there’s a minimum charge of $20 per person when you dine-in, unsure whether that only applies every nights or just the weekend.

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