The Manwich & steak sandwich catch up sesh at Mrs. S

With over 1500 likes and counting on Urbanspoon, Mrs. S really needs no more introduction.  I’m just going to do a quick write up of our recent catch up there.

It was a Saturday 2 weeks ago and we’re trying to organise a catch up.  We were going to go there for breakfast however as the number of people grew to 11, we decided to go for lunch instead as I think Mrs. S do not take booking for breakfast.

So we got there and we were given the big main table just for us…yippe!  We all placed our orders, I ordered the steak sandwich and at that stage I didn’t know what everyone else ordered.  But as the food started to come out….the table looked like a sea of steak sandwiches and Manwiches!  How many men were there you ask?  There were 4 guys..and 7 girls!  I think there was one girl who ordered the croque madame but the rest were manly hungry!

Are they that good? Yes they are!  The steak were tender, juicy, and still pink in the middle..exactly how I like it.  Add to it the sauce, the salad, cheese and roasted capsicum…I’m salivating just writing about it :? .  And the onion rings!! I was hoping I could just order bit more of those onion rings!

I finished up my steak sandwich and then my girlfriend couldn’t finish her Manwich :D .  Since it’s not good to waste food (that’s a good excuse right? :mrgreen: ), I kindly offered to help her finish ¼ of her Manwich.  The pulled pork was delicious and full of flavour.  The only criticism I can give is the sauce from the beetroot and other sauce has kinda soaked the bottom ciabatta roll but regardless of that I manly finished it!

Overall good food, good service, good ambient, good catch up, can’t complain!

Pictures below!


food menu


drink menu



long mac






the Manwich


open steak sandwich

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