Ootong & Lincoln – best breakfast joint in Freo?

It was Monday the public holiday of Australia Day and I was organising a catch up with a group of friends.  I wasn’t sure whether Ootong & Lincoln was going to be opened but thought if it was closed there should be others that are opened on a public holiday in Freo, but we pleasantly found that it was open for business!

We got there just before 10am and we got a table as we walked in!  Last time I was there I had to wait at least 15 minutes for a table.  As I sat down I kinda already knew what I wanted…the potato cake & egg Benedict with…now this is the hard part, you gotta decide between bacon, salmon, mushroom, and jamon to go with it *why can’t we have all of em?! :x .  I went with the good old bacon.

For those who hasn’t been there, Ootong & Lincoln has a very quirky old school laid-back setup, which is perfect to have a relaxing lazy Sunday morning (or Monday…well actually any day when you don’t have to work  I guess).  When I looked around none of the tables or chairs are the same, on the back of my mind I’m thinking they must have gotten them all from garage sales or scouring from goods collection.  As you look up you’ll see a mesh of wires where the light bulbs hang onto enclosed with glass bottles..and again none of them are the same!  I don’t mean it in a bad way as I don’t think there’s many places that can get away with this but it just works here..hats off!


As you queue to place order for the food, you’ll be tempted by the amazing display of food…salad, rolls, pasta, cakes, macarons, you name it!!  So if you think you’re weak hearted you probably should ask someone else to place an order for you :) .


So two friends ordered the salmon avocado dish, another ordered the Spanish baked egg, and another ordered one of the pancake.

The drinks came out first, I had the healthy banana mango smoothie.  The banana mango smoothie itself wasn’t that sweet but they put a swirl of honey in it which gives a hint of sweetness which was gold.


Two friends ordered slushies which looked yum and another ordered a juice which came in a pretty cool tiny jug.


Not long after, the food started to come out and then we started the usual must-do-before-eating-ritual of photo-raping each other food (yes..we’re asian) which can take a couple of minutes.  Once the dust settled, in we went.   My dish – the bacon was nice and crisp on the edge, potato cake was tasty, egg Benedict was runny, the greens were refreshing…10 out of 10!


I had a taste of the Spanish baked egg.  I don’t think there’s much meat in it, but it tasted amazing.


I didn’t get to taste the salmon avocado but boy it does look amazing.


A friend who ordered the pancake raved about her pancake.  I thought to myself how nice can a pancake be?  She kindly offered everyone to have a taste and wow, it was very soft, fluffy, and warm…I was wrong….a pancake can be that nice!!


We then had a chocolate banana cake to share.  After having the 9 or 10 out of 10 dishes, we all had very high expectation and I must say the cake wasn’t up there as it was rather dry.  I hope it’s only this batch as I’ll be looking to try other cakes on my next visits!


So is Ootong & Lincoln the best breakfast joint in Fremantle??  Hmm, I don’t want to jump the gun as there’re others that I’m yet to try…but….I think I can safely say Ootong & Lincoln is definitely up there with the top breakfast joints in Perth.

PS: photos on the day were taken with an LX3
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